How to get rid of fear

Remember how many times in recent years you were going to do something, but never did? Why did you abandon your intentions? Most often, inaction hides fears that prevent us from moving forward and developing. Is it possible to cope with them?

Canadian writer Joe Martino offers five ways to get rid of fear.

1. Scary? Still move forward

At the moment when you need to act, fear reaches the maximum and stops you. But if you overcome yourself and begin to do what you have outlined, in a matter of minutes nothing will remain of it. So do not waste time thinking how to get rid of fear – just take and do!

Having made this jump and meeting with fear of face to face, you will do exactly what the fear tried to prevent. Most likely, on this you are saying to him.

2. Let go of the past

Sometimes we are faced with a situation that makes us recall the pain experienced in the past or failure. We have already passed something similar, and the result was sad. But who said that this time we will certainly lose? Perhaps then we were not ready for the situation or we were simply unlucky. This does not mean that we must forever abandon attempts.

When our gaze is turned back and we are afraid of a repetition of failure, we are controlled by the past. But you are now a different person and are able to correct the course of events. Sometimes it is enough to make several small changes – and what seemed difficult to be easy. In any case, you will learn something. Let go of the past and do not be afraid to try again.

3. Stop looking for obstacles

“It’s too complicated”, “I’m too tired”, “I have no time”. How many times have these considerations forced you to abandon opportunities and not do something important? We invent obstacles so as not to admit to ourselves that we are simply afraid.

These excuses look convincing both in our eyes and in the eyes of other people. But in fact, the scale of the obstacle depends only on our assessment. We can consider it as an obstacle, or we can – as a challenge. Do not exaggerate its scale, do not make an elephant from a fly and move forward.